Camping for an entire weekend.
T-Shirt, Patch, Cold Beer, Skits, Goblet Down-Downs, A live Band Friday night, Live DJ Friday and Saturday night, Games, Short trails and longer Circles.  In addition there will be an Easter trail on Sunday afternoon hosted by EPH3 that is free with your TXIH registration. Did we mention beer?

Friday Dinner—Saturday Brunch & Dinner—Sunday Breakfast

Friday night: 
Support your Loco Hash House.
Wear your Happi Coats, Hash Colors and represent your kennel.

Saturday night: 
El Luchador/ Quinceñera Hash. 
Think Nacho Libre. We wanna see pimped out Mexican wrestlers and all the hynas in their quince gowns. 


¨ Thursday, April 2: Arrive early and join the VAG Hash House Harriettes on a pay-as-you-go pub crawl starts at 7:00 PM.

¨ Friday, April 3: Support your Loco Hash House

¨ Saturday, April 4: There is a short (3 mile) medium (5 mile) and Ballbuster trail (8 mile)

¨ Sunday, April 5: ResErection Sunrise Trail, Crudo trail and wrap up

BUT, stick around and hash with El Paso H3

¨ EPH3 Easter Sunday Trail. Free with TXIH2015 Registration


Hash Olympdicks     *     Skits     *     Mr/Ms TXIH

Keg Wars     *     Midnight Naked Run

DJ & Band entertainment

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Border Jumper Hash House Harriers

A Drinking Club With A Running Problem

Texas Interhash 2015


April 3—5, 2015


Taylor Ranch—300 Canutillo/La Union Rd—Canutillo (El Paso), TX

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Rego on Hashspace:

Rego early for best pricing:     

Rego 1—50: $69.69

Rego 51—150: $90.00

Rego 151—400: $100.00